What’s up, Dash?

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Dash is one of the altcoins that gained value after Bitcoin hard fork was delayed.

Last week, Dash’s price raised a lot. From 275$ it reached the highest value at 500$. After perturbations, it was stabilized on a level of 400$. Right now, the price is 444,37$. Moreover, its capitalization increased to 3.2 billion dollars. Thanks to this numbers, Dash beat a Litecoin.

Few reasons affected the current situation. First of all, a decline of Bitcoin investor’s interests. Another significant reason was a promulgated information about updating the software, mainly upgrading the block’s size. The first changes will be visible this week. What’s more, it is a beginning of the numerous changes planned for the next year.

A scheduled update of software made a Dash more interesting for investors.

What is related to this update? Firstly, implementation of the 2MB blocks – via DIP0001, which activates reduces of transactions fees. Information says that this reduction will be ten-fold. Secondly, updating the software can improve security system and make it more efficient.

Furthermore, described changes are part of Dash Evolution. It is an update planned for the next year. The primary purpose is to ease the using of this cryptocurrency – so everyone can use it. What changes are predicted?

To begin with, InstantSend vulnerability will be fixed. Then improvement of PrivateSend which will enable users to mix funds much faster. Moreover, various changes on RCP and refactoring the old code will make it more reliable, efficient and more accessible to review. Besides, the developers implement the experimental HD wallet HD BIP39 / BIP44 support.

What makes Dash different? – Using bigger blocks, its scalability plan, and its chosen on-chain path. Specialists claim that some of the investors can place their funds or portion of them in Dash despite the fact that Bitcoin Cash is the most popular at this moment.

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