What is a trust in decentralization? The report from Blockchain: Rethink Trust Conference

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Behind us is an iconic technological event that has reached Europe straight from the Silicon Valley, which we had the opportunity to be a media partner.

The “Blockchain: Rethink Trust” conference was held in Amsterdam at the historic venue “Beurs Van Berlage” the third stock exchange in Amsterdam. The name of the conference referred to the main theme which was based on replacing the existing mechanisms of trust in the company with blockchain technology. Blockchain: Rethink Trust is a part of By the Bay event series, well-known in Silicon Valley and now also in Europe.

The conference began with a short speech by Alexy Khrabrov, who is involved with ByTheBay. The Keynote speakers were Christophers Ferris, IBM CTO Open Technology, Chair of the Hyperledger Technical Steering, and Mariana Gomez de la Villa, Product area Lead Distributed Ledger Technology at ING. Christopher Ferris lecture “Greater than the Sun of its Parts” touched on issues such as the open collaborative effort to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies for business as well as global collaboration spanning finance, banking, supply chains and more. While, Mariana’s speech “The state of Trust: Can DLT really help rebuilding it” related to the topics like capitalizing on existing industry knowledge, design of exploratory partnership or stricter evaluation on where blockchain is useful. Completing the entire lecture was theme about easy trading connect, in other words using blockchain to revolutionize community trade and self-sovereign identity on a shared KYC utility.

The conference program was prepared for the rank of the event. Between the speeches, it was possible to take part in interesting workshops organized by companies such as IBM, Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab, Topl, and Prevectur about the following topics:

  • Blockchain in Scala
  • Blockchain POC Development for the Enterprise: Best Practises. Process. Overview of Available Platforms
  • Provectus Blockchain Framework: truthless cooperation within and between enterprises utilizing blockchain with other complementary technologies
  • Hyperledger Fabric

The further part of the event was a huge dose of knowledge related to diverse approaches for business blockchain technology system. Among so many impressive speakers on the stage had performed Nick Kurat, Director, Intelectsoft Blockchain Lab, Roman Shaposhnik, VP Product & Strategy, Co-Founder, Zededa, Christopher Georgen, Co-Founder & President, Topl, Joost Volker, Blockchain Business Development Director, Oracle, Draltan Marin, CTO, Unicorn Bay, Yuri Vizitei, CTO, Provectus, and many other gurus from the modern technology world.

All the participants of the conference agreed that the blockchain technology brings us closer to the future. There were shown several key verticals where blockchain solutions are used to re-engine the trust mechanisms underlying payment, IoT, trading systems, energy among many other industries. It is, therefore, necessary to provide neutral, open and community-driven infrastructures. Build technical communities to develop blockchain technology, and importantly educate the public about the market opportunity for blockchain technology.

To summarize it I would like to quote Don Tapscott: “In 2017, blockchain and cryptocurrencies became too big to ignore. In 2018, they will become too big to fail.”

Enterprise Blockchain Engineering is a new area, requiring a confluence of multiple areas of expertise, and it was reflected in an incredibly diverse and powerful makeup – business leaders, computer scientists, distributed systems engineers, cryptographers, open-source veterans, IoT specialists, managers of all of the above.

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