What can you buy for 1 BTC?

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In September 2017 index price of Bitcoin is about 4500$. Do you want to spend your BTC? If yes, we have few propositions for you!

Top cryptocurrencies

If you want to spend BTC practically, consider investing in another cryptocurrency.
Ethereum – For 1 BTC you can get about 13 ETH. Ethereum is one of the most stable cryptocurrencies, so investing in it can give you long term profits.
Litecoin – For 1 BTC you can get about 57 LTC. Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, based on Bitcoin protocol. An index price of Litecoin is steadily growing.
Monero – For 1 BTC you can get about 38 XMR. Index price of Monero rapidly grows. Investing in this cryptocurrency can be a little bit risky, but as you can see it can bring you fast and high profit.
Bitcoin Cash – For 1 BTC you can get about 6,5 BCH. Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that was created as a result of the hard fork. Index price of Bitcoin Cash is now more stable that used to be after release.

what can you buy for 1 btc

You can also buy different things, like:

  • 375 premium accounts on Netflix,
  • 900 Big Macs,
  • 3150 ¢ of water,
  • rent of McLaren 570S for 5 days,
  • used Dodge Charger SE from 2006
  • Hermes purse

You can also invest in the one of the oldest investments, gold. For 1 BTC you can get over 3 oz. of gold. Index price of 1 oz. of gold is now growing fast.



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