What Can Happen During A Year? CoinDeal Shows

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You can say that the project is good when the team takes care of its fast development. That’s how things work in CoinDeal, a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

1st year of CoinDeal

The exchange platform has been officially run since March 2018, but the work on it started at the beginning of September 2017. At that time, the  three founders: Adam Bicz, Filip Dzierżak and Kajetan Maćkowiak have decided to use their knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain to create a place to trade cryptos. With them, there were 10 dedicated employees who worked hard to create a cryptocurrency exchange platform that would meet the users’ needs.

Today, the CoinDeal’s team is much bigger and  consists of specialists in programming, security, finances and marketing. As for the first birthday, we celebrated it with a cake and champagne.


Changes on dashboard

To develop the potential of the platform, the CoinDeal team not only focuses on new cryptos or fiats, but also changes the look of a dashboard. The new format will enhance the entire user experience, which will result in more proficient trading. The progress is certainly visible as we are doing our best to make our digital currency trading platform as intuitive and transparent as possible.

You can see, that the newly looking dashboard was equipped with a few instruments to make technical analysis and some data about the spread. We have likewise changed the place of “Orders” so you can, without much of a stretch, track the rate and buy/sell requests. On the off chance that you don’t enjoy the new form of the trading dashboard, you can simply change it to the more regular one!

Fiat currencies and crypto

To simplify the way of entering CoinDeal, we added a new way of making deposits. From now, you can deposit polish zloty (PLN) via bank transfer.

Also, the 8th voting in “vote for a new cryptocurrency” finished and the winners are Electra (ECA) and Electroneum (ETN). Soon, these two cryptos will be implemented on CoinDeal and ready to trade.

3×3 Feel the BIT tournament

The busy week has ended with 3×3 Feel the BIT event in the middle of Wrocław, Poland. CoinDeal powered the street basketball tournament in which bitcoins were the prize. Not only the audience had a lot of fun admiring the dunk contest, but also all the players admitted that it was probably the best street tournament they had ever taken part in.


As you can see, CoinDeal is active in many different fields of its business. Register on this cryptocurrency exchange platform and enjoy trading on the one of the fastest developing platforms.

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