Weekly Update #9: Libra, Coinbase, Snowden, And EA

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Another week passed by, so we have another update for you. This time, we write about Facebook’s Libra, EA trolling, yet another Craig Wright news and many more.

In the last episode, we wrote about Tether, Lightning Network, and AML rules. Today, we go back to the old, the same.

Libra, here we go again

The whole saga is getting boring. Facebook wants to develop its cryptocurrency. Governments all over the world don’t want to allow it. So, Libra tries to convince those authorities. But they don’t want to listen and still have its doubts. And the story goes on and on…

Now, Libra faces backlashes from the banking sector. There are many founding members, including MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal. There has been, however, one side omitted. Banks. There isn’t any in the founding group.

So, David Marcus, the head of Libra, put his shiny suit and jumped again to stop the fire. He said that Facebook didn’t plan to exclude banks from participating in Libra. What’s more, he added:

Still, the bad press doesn’t help Facebook to convince others to its project. Despite all of the talkings, there are too many concerns for the world’s authorities to buy in the idea. Of course, that can change in the future, but right now Libra seems like the project we all have been waiting for.

Craig Wright or Craig Wrong?

This guy made news once again. This time, he wants to settle the lawsuit with Ira Kleiman. How has it all started? Craig S. Wright claimed that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. So, Ira used that to sue CSW for half of the bitcoins, which should belong to his deceased brother. Now, Craig wants to settle, but he also doesn’t want to do that, and he asks for delays.

We’ve had enough of this guy, and we really don’t want to talk about him anymore. So, we have a Twitter’s thread. You won’t read anything better about the settlement talks.

EA trolls the industry

This tweet made crypto news:

Sure, EA encourages its followers to invest in Crypto. Great! Another big player goes into digital currencies, right? There is, however, one small catch. Look at the tweet once again. Do you see something suspicious? No? Let me break it for you. The word “Crypto” is with a capital letter. That’s the pickle.

“Crypto” isn’t about cryptocurrencies. It is the name of a new character to join the ranks of EA’s battle royale shooter Apex Legends. It is not a tweet for crypto enthusiasts (at least, officially), it is just very clever marketing. Bravo EA, you trolled all of us.

Coinbase wants to add more assets

One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges decided to support a lot more digital currencies.

Coinbase clearly shows that the San Francisco-based platform is going for more. Among those coins, which will be added, are Telegram’s GRAM, Polkadot, Coda, and several more. Is Coinbase going to chase Binance in terms of assets available? Still, the exchange has a lot to add to catch up the biggest exchange.

Snowden versus government

Edward Snowden has become an enemy number one for the United States. Former CIA agent has been on the run for a while now. He now stays in Moscow, Russia. Recently, Snowden published a book about his side of the story. Of course, it didn’t meet with a warm reception from US authorities. So, the Department of Justice decided to fill a lawsuit against Snowden.

So, where are cryptocurrencies in that story? In this tweet:

Edward strongly believes that this case can only help and increase the development of crypto in his country of origin. We can’t argue with him. After all, he has had such good information that he had to run away from his homeland.

And that all for today’s episode. What do you think about last week? What did catch your attention? Let us know.

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