“We Need to Build A Wall” Using…Cryptocurrency?

Dawid Paluch
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Can crowdfunding provide a solution to the proposal of building a wall along the US-Mexico border? Warren Davidson, an Ohio congressman, thinks it can. He suggested using crypto to raise funds for the wall.

You may know his name. Warren Davidson is that politician who introduced the plan for regulation of cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings several days ago. Now, he has another idea involving crypto.

Wall of contention

Donald Trump threatens that the government will be shut down if he doesn’t get funds for building a wall over the border. Republicans and Democrats jointly search for a solution which would not cost billions of dollars and would be effective.

During an interview with National Public Radio (NPR), Warren Davidson shared his idea to resolve this problem. He said that he had already proposed letting American public pay for the wall. He suggests private funding program. He stated in the interview:

“You could do with this sort of, like, crowdfunding site. Or you could even do blockchain, and you could have wall coins. But you could raise the money. And frankly, if we get it right at the Treasury, you could even accept Mexican pesos.”

Not whole wall, though

According to the politician, the funding would not support building of the entire wall. He thinks that there are places where the wall is needed and there are some areas where only a good fence will do the job. He said that $5 Billion wouldn’t be enough to build a wall like the Great Wall of China, so there has to be a compromise made.

Davidson is well-known cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology supporter. We are waiting for other ideas from the Ohio congressman.


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