Update: Cryptopia Soon To Be Open?

Dawid Paluch
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Yesterday, New Zealand Police said that Cryptopia, a cryptocurrency exchange, is able to reopen. The trading platform was shut down due to a malicious hack at the start of this year.

Almost a month ago, we broke a story concerning  the first hack of the year. Exactly on January 14, Cryptopia Exchange suffered a security breach, which resulted in a significant loss. On Monday, one of the analytics companies released its research claiming that the hackers stole at least #3.2 million in token from the new New Zealand’s exchange.

Police says ‘yes’

On February 13, The New Zealand Herald reported that the police investigating that case granted a green light to restart the platform. Police said that “Cryptopia can open again whenever they like.”

Detective inspector Greg Murton, one of the leading officers in this case,  said:

“We have finished the main part of the work required by the High Tech Crime Group at Cryptopia’s business premises, although HTCG staff remain there finishing up aspects of their work. Cryptopia management has full access to their facilities and business premises and the Police investigation is not preventing their business from getting up and running again.”

Murton didn’t reveal if any charges might be pressed. He also did not disclose how much funds had been stolen during the security breach.

The exchange says…nothing

While the police have granted ‘ready to reopen’ status, Cryptopia’s website has not moved a bit yet. The NZ Herald reported that the owners of the exchange didn’t respond to the police’s statement.

The exchange’s social media channels also remain silent. Cryptopia Twitter account’s latest update is dated on January 28.

As the news outlet suggests, some crypto experts have estimated the amount of stolen crypto to be worth up to $23 million.

We will update that story if something new comes up.

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