Ukraine Prepares To Conduct Voting With NEM


The blockchain is mainly associated with cryptocurrencies as this solution was created with the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. But the technology of Satoshi can also be used in other industries. Finance, banking, healthcare and conducting votings.

As NEM Ukraine has informed on its Facebook profile, the company is going to work on a blockchain voting pilot with Ukraine’s Electoral Commission. This type of voting can protect against the possibility of falsification of elections as data once saved in blockchain can’t be changed or erased.

As you can read in the published post, The Head of the State Register of Voters of Central Election Commission of Ukraine Олександр Стельмах (Oleksandr Stelmakh) is contented with ongoing tests. Commission together with NEM is “continu[ing] a series of experiments applying blockchain technology within electoral voting.”

Stelmakh revealed that they had already created a test vote during which they had used 28 nodes with the NEM’s blockchain. The test voting is still open and the Head of the State Register is inviting everyone to take part in it.

People opposed to that idea may use the argument of high costs but Stelmakh has done his own calculation. According to him, the cost of installing blockchain voting in each police station in the country would cost around $1,227 per one implementation. Stelmakh admitted that this is a “small price to pay in return for immutable vote data protection.”


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