Ukraine first draft law, Chile wants regulations

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Ukraine wants to create regulations for cryptocurrency that possibly will attract foreign traders to their country.

Also, president of Chile’s central bank wants to develop new cryptocurrency regulations in Chile.

Ukraine draft law

First draft legalization prepared by Ukraine to legalize cryptocurrencies.

Mushak attached a copy of the draft legislation document, asking readers to comment on the terms of the regulations proposed for the crypto market:

“We go to the home stretch to create conditions for digital tokens and cryptocurrency in Ukraine. This is the outcome of many meetings and work of many people. There are many more nuances left to figure out. The final version will be ready in two weeks. I ask you to comment and edit. The thoughts of market practitioners are especially important.”

In the document, we can find that they want to create a transparent and free cryptocurrency exchange market in Ukraine. It proposes regulatory measures for preventing the use of crypto for money laundering, terrorist financing, and other criminal activities.

The document also highlights the use of blockchain tech – in the public sphere,e.g., public relations, healthcare, and education.

Bank of Chile

To monitor risks in cryptocurrencies, the president of Chile’s Central bank is considering cryptocurrency regulations. As local El Economista reported, cryptocurrencies in Chile right now, are not considered as money or securities, no law regulates them.

Mario Marcel during a forum of The Finance Commission of Deputies said that “incorporating regulation will allow having a registry of participants in these activities and thus have information to monitor the associated risks,” and ended with “These activities could be developed under more robust standards and mechanisms, especially in terms of market transparency, consumer protection, and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.”


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