TRON (TRX) Gets Listed on KuCoin Crypto Exchange

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As part of the innovative development, KuCoin listed another great cryptocurrency into its growing platform.

The new token is the official digital currency of TRON. TRX is now trading on KuCoin platform. Deposit and other transactions concerning TRON are now open with trading pairs like TRX/BTC and TRX/ETC.

A Brief Introduction to TRON

It belongs to the list of the world’s biggest operating systems powered by blockchain. It is known for achieving high throughputs. It is attained by enhancing the transaction per second in TRON which has surpassed Ethereum and Bitcoin to a daily-use reasonable degree. The application is given a broader range of ways to be deployed in TRON because of its scalable and highly efficient smart contracts. It can support an immense quantity of users. TRON is said to have a network structure that is more reliable compared to others. Also, it has more stable user assets with an intrinsic value. The network has a higher level of decentralized consensus that comes with a better mechanism for reward distribution.

It is an open source protocol for the worldwide industry of digital entertainment. It supports different types of smart contract system like Qtum, Bitcoin, EOS or Ethereum. It offers developers with multiple protocols infrastructure for entertainment application development and enables its user to experience smooth multi-protocol smart network.

Those who contributed to the TRON ecosystem are incentivized based on transparent and well-established rules. The value of the designed content and the time range a participant spend on the platform are the basis for rewarding content contributed. TRON assures the highest quality of payment network, cryptocurrency and content platform.

Gets Listed on KuCoin

The TRX Token

Presently, TRON has around forty exchanges.  It also has wallets which have finished the tokens migration. Those exchanges have also continued their withdrawal or recharge services and reused its ERC20 token that TRON will process. The TRON Foundation burned three ERC20 Tokens batches as part of its recycling progress. With the 34.2billion TRX previously locked and consumed by the TRON Foundation, there are a total of 92424664154.355837 ERC20 token burnt, accounting for 93.36% of the total distributed, 99billion TRX ( one billion TRX was burnt).

TRX can continuously handle two thousand transactions-per-second while ETH only handles 25 tps and BTC handles 3 – 6 tps. TRON Wallets support TRX and other tokens in TRON mainnet. The client can support various platforms; the user can select either access or download. The token migration to TRX Mainnet from ERC20 TRX occurred on June 21 – June 25, 2018. If the TRX happened in an exchange, there would be no required action but if on the wallet, TRX must be deposited before June 24 to a certain exchange so that users will not experience losses.

The Team

TRON has a great team with great members mostly from China. Chief Executive Officer of TRON is Justin Sun. Some of the notable members are Hitters Xu, Binshen Tang, Wei Dai, Weixing Chen, Charles Xue, Shuoji Zhou, Mingshan Yin, Linke Yang, Jihan Wu, Jiang Liu and Lifen Wang.

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