Tracking Tuna Products Using Blockchain

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Gustav Gerig AG, an over 90-year-old Swiss food company, has teamed up with Pacifical c.v., a global marketing organization, to develop Ethereum-based blockchain to trace fish products.

Not only Swiss railways will rely on the blockchain technology. As it turned out, Swiss Food Manufacturer will trace tuna products on Pacific. From now on, the tracking of tuna supply will be as simple as fishing.

To catch a fish

According to the press release, the new development will allow clients to certify the origin of its tuna range using the blockchain technology. The company is the first European food importer to make a fish range fully traceable from the beginning to the final product, using only Ethereum blockchain. The firm said in the statement:

“In providing an optimal level of transparency the company will enable all its clients access to data on exactly how the Pacifical MSC tuna was sustainably caught through the following information: which captain, vessel, catch timing, method and area, where and when it was processed.”

Atato, a Thailand-based blockchain provider, is responsible for delivering blockchain implementation.

Pacifical cooperation

8 Parties of the Nauru Agreement (PNA) created Pacifical, a global marketing company. The organization is set up to promote PNA region and actively trade certified tuna to consumers around the world.

Pacifical has been the traceability leader since 2011. The company has offered full trackability to all parties involved in Tuna business. In 2018, Pacifical started the cooperation with Atato to launch blockchain initiative.

The new development will integrate over 220 large fishing vessels, the entire supply chain and the chain of custody. The firm estimates that it will cover 35 million tuna fish caught annually.

The company is convinced that it will offer to its clients an unprecedented level of transparency and traceability.

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