Toyota Begins Its Blockchain Ride

Maja Mazur
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Toyota decides to use crypto technology in promotional campaigns. A promising partnership has just been made with Lucidity, a blockchain advertisement firm.

New cars and new solutions

Car industry and blockchain technology go hand in hand and everyone knows it. Brands like BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche has already started using it for different purposes. Now it’s time for Toyota.

The Japanese car manufacturer has recently partnered with blockchain Lucidity. The deal was already announced on Lucidity’s twitter, along with some catchy slogan:

Using blockchain saves money

The partnership is supposed to result in fraud reduction in Toyota’s future digital advertising campaigns. Global ads agency Saatchi & Saatchi, which cooperates with the car giant, is looking forward to gaining some more transparency thanks to the partnership. Dealing with fraud will hugely help Toyota deal with wasted funds. Bot clicks, fake traffic counts, and domain spoofing are the real problems of big internet campaigns. Blockchain technology will help in optimizing the ads and setting high anti-fraud standards. That will certainly save the carmaker a lot of money.

Extending the deal

Toyota’s deal with Lucidity was firstly supposed to last only three months. After running first trial ads with the help of the advertising firm though, Toyota’s website noted a 21 percent uptick in visits, according to AdAge. Now the car giant considers lengthening the contract with Lucidity past the original established time.

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