Top 5 websites where you can buy Bitcoin

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If you are wondering where to buy Bitcoin to get the most benefit, then you have come to the right place. In the following article, we present the ranking of the 5 best cryptocurrency exchange offices. is a person-2-person Bitcoin trading site allows people from around the world exchange their local cryptocurrency to Bitcoin. What’s more, you can post an advertisement (including exchange rate and payment methods for buying or selling cryptocurrency). After answering to this advertisements, you can choose if you would like to meet the seller/buyer in person to buy Bitcoin in cash or trade with online banking. You can also use the wallet created by If you think about fees, here is what it looks like: registering, buying and selling is free, but if you would like to make an advertisement, the fee is 1% for every completed trade. Also, when you decide to choose wallet different than LocalBitcoin’s, a service adjusts fee based on the current network congestion.

Skipping the fact is a private service that doesn’t require verification, we recommend you to always check seller’s history and choose one with positive feedbacks.

BitQuick is a platform allowing you to buy or sell Bitcoin. For now, it’s only available in the United States. Buying a cryptocurrency, it’s a little bit more demanding. You can’t do that fully online. After choosing a seller, you have to go to his bank and make a cash deposit on his account. Then upload a receipt as a proof to get your Bitcoins. The fee (2%) is on the buyer’s side. BitQuick subtracts a fee from the Bitcoin amount before sending them to a buyer.

Remember to always check other offers because sometimes prices can be higher or even lower than the current price of Bitcoin.

Wall of Coins is a site very similar to BitQuick but allows you to buy Bitcoin in 21 different locations. Starting with United States, Australia, China to Malaysia, Poland and much more. This peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange offers you buying Bitcoin via cash deposit. To buy a cryptocurrency you have only to confirm your account with a phone number, but it’s also hard to find sellers selling a high amount of Bitcoin.

LibertyX is a service that allows you to buy Bitcoin in the United States. If you want to sell them – it’s more complicated. What’s more, this platform is less private than others. You have to confirm your phone number to set a limit of daily transactions up to 200$. If you would like to raise the limit (up to 1000$) you have to verify your identity with Facebook account or scan of your license or verification document. This could be a problem for some of you as it gently destroys the concept of Bitcoin. After signing up, find a store near you cooperating with LibertyX. You can use for this a map on a page or an app. Then buy Bitcoin with cash in chosen store using your code or PIN. The problem is that fees aren’t always the same. Some of stores demand 5$ + 7,5% fee, others 1,5% – 3%. These are quite high amounts. A service is working on buying Bitcoin with a credit card.

Buycoinnow allows you to buy Bitcoin with a credit card, cash transfer or DotPay. First, you have to register with your full name and email address. Then choose an amount of Bitcoin you would like to buy. A fee is already included. After payment, you will get a code to implement in your private wallet. You can buy Bitcoin with USD, EUR, GBP or PLN. In a few cases, Buycoinnow can ask you for a scan of your license or verification document.

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The site shall not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from the use of data contained in the pages of the site.