Top 10 cryptocurrencies in January

Marcin Iwański
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January was a hard month for cryptocurrencies. Chinese New Year, regulations, rumors about banning cryptocurrencies in Korea.

But even with such hard news, there are cryptos that end this month green.

  1. Neo – created in 2014 cryptocurrency that supports smart contracts. It went from $76,2 to $143,44 in January, with 88% change, what gave Neo first place in our ranking.
  2. Steem – with 70% change in January, Steem showed what he can do. If you have invested in it – well done!
  3. Nexux –”The 3D Chain is an evolution of Blockchain protocol, built from the ground up to provide a strong foundation for Nexus and other future projects using the technology.” as we can find on their webs
    . In January, investors had found out that 3D Chain is an evolution.
  4. Stellar – at the beginning based on Ripple protocol, now independent cryptocurrency, with 56% change is in 4th place.
  5. Ethereum –  hard forked ETC brother, went from $755,84 to $1105,09 in January. As we found out, Wall Street wants to look closer to its blockchain technology.
  6. Lisk – created in 2016, LSK developers believe in decentralization. That is why they want to develop global system, that’s gather developers which want to invest their time in blockchain.   
  7. Siacoin – is a token from decentralized file storage system. With their vision to create better and cheaper cloud storage system. Hopefully investors will see bigger potential in their token, during January price went up 11%.
  8. Decred – our 8th place is also 1st with a loss in January. It was a hard month for cryptocurrencies. Decred work with smart contracts and cross-chain swaps between currencies, easy to use and even easier to trade. We know the month is bad, when there is red cryptocurrency in our top 10 ranking.
  9. Ethereum Classic – classic ethereum blockchain, with loss of 2% still in top 10.
  10. Stratis – our last place with the big loss of 15% in last month. As we said earlier, Chinese New Year and national restrictions made cryptocurrencies noted loses in January.


As you can see, three in ten cryptocurrencies ended red. With as bad as January was for cryptocurrency world, some of the digital assets defended themselves.

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