Top 10 cryptocurrencies in September


If you are wondering which cryptocurrency you should invest your money to make a profit, here we present ranking of top 10 cryptocurrencies according to the difference between price on the 1st day of September and price on the last day of September.

1. Komodo

Komodo (KMD) is a new cryptocurrency for private, anonymous transaction. It is based on blockchain via a Delayed Proof of Work created by its programmers, what makes this cryptocurrency even more secure than Bitcoin. It is also protected by Zcash. After an almost year from ICO, Komodo stands out with great results. On the 1st day of September, its price was 1,51$, after only 30 days it was 2,24$, so the change was almost 48%. Here you can see how Komodo works.

2. ZCash

ZCash (ZEC) is a cryptocurrency that works almost a year. ZCash protects transactions by using algorithm zero-knowledge proofs known as zk-SNARK. What’s more, thanks to Equihash algorithm miners can effectively use their CPU and GPU to mine coins. In September, the price of ZCash was very stable. On the 1st day, it was 276,3$, on the last 277,64$.

3. NEO

NEO is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum’s smart contacts. Difference between Ethereum and NEO is that NEO is using blockchain algorithms what leads to improvement of Ethereum’s model. Creators of NEO defined this cryptocurrency as an intelligent economy to build a better world. In September, the price of NEO was stable. On the 1st day, it was 33,29$, on the last 33,14$.


Steem is a cryptocurrency designed to transfer assets between Steem Dollars, Steem Power and regular currencies. In September, Steem was stable from 1,52$ to 1,5$.

Top 10 cryptocurenciess in September


Pivx is pretty young cryptocurrency (1st January 2017) created after a fork of DASH. The main task of Pivx is to let users do quick and private transactions. In September, Pivx dropped from 3,28$ to 3,18$.

6. Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular cryptocurrency right now. If you would like to know more about it, you can read it here. September wasn’t easy for Bitcoin investors as a price jumped up and down. On the 1st day, it was 4699,66$, on the last day 4332,03$.

7. Decred

Decred is characterized by its openness and progressiveness. As you can read on Decred’s site: “Decred uses a hybridized consensus system to strike a balance between miners and users to create a more robust currency”. Its price on the 1st day of September was 38,43$ then crashed to 34,79$.

8. Dash

Dash is a cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin software, but with a higher level of privacy. You can’t find who made a transaction to whom. Its value fell from 379,19$ to 327,68$.

9. Waves

Waves isn’t a cryptocurrency in the true sense of the word. It’s a decentralized platform that enables you to make custom tokens. In September its price fell from 5,89$ to 5,06$.

10. Lisk

Lisk (LSK) is a cryptocurrency which brands itself as a “first modular cryptocurrency utilising sidechains,” but it didn’t protect the value of Lisk to fall in September from 6,9$ to 5,91$.


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