Top 10 cryptocurrencies in March

Marcin Iwański
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March, was tough month for all cryptocurrencies – every single coin ended this month with the loss.

  • Verge – you can say the month was bad, when the first place in our ranking is a place with the lowest loss. Verge ended month with 26% loss.
  • EOS – with -28% change in March, fully scalable cryptocurrency, took 2nd place in March.
  • TRON – with total market cap around $2,5 bln, TRON price in last day of March was 30% lower than at beginning.
  • Bitcoin – well known cryptocurrency for everyone, Bitcoin lost around $3,000 value in March.
  • PIVX –  with 60s block time and, as they say on their website, ‘fastest cryptocurrency using PoS’ lost 36% of its value during March.
  • KOMODO – with their idealistic view on blockchain technology, ended the month with 37% loss.  
  • Monero – the real anonymous cryptocurrency, appreciated by almost everyone, noticed the loss as every other crypto.
  • Stellar – Impressive transactions time, haven’t secured Stellar price.
  • Litecoin – Silver brother of Bitcoin, had a bad month, fork in February, overhyped LitePay in March, generated 44% price loss.
  • IOTA – our last place ex aequo with Litecoin, with the loss of -44% IOTA,  with zero fee transaction, has noticed a price drop of $0,84.

 Cryptocurrency ranking March 2018

Red March, each place in the ranking is red and noticed the loss. Verge did the best, but that does not mean that anyone can be happy about it. For the first time we can say that month was all red.

We hope that the April ranking will be slightly better!


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