Top 10 cryptocurrencies in February

Marcin Iwański
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In February, most of cryptocurrencies is slowly going back on top, but still it is a long way to climb to the same level as it was in December.

  • Litecoin – Bitcoin younger brother was forked to Litecoin Cash last month, the price went up from ~160 to ~210. 30% change gave Litecoin first place.
  • Omisse Go – with 29% change in February, the slogan “Unbank the Banked” worked for them, 2nd place in the ranking, keep going!
  • Ethereum Classic – $6 more than at the beginning of the month, ETC is going up, we can say that it has come back on the right tracks.
  • Monero – the most anonymous cryptocurrency, has been appreciated in February, with 10% change got 4th place.
  • Bitcoin –  the first cryptocurrency, created by Satoshi – cryptocurrency giant, ended this month with price $10710, that is 6% more than at the beginning of the February.
  • Dogecoin – created as a joke, right now real cryptocurrency with the real volume, 3% up, well done!   
  • ZCash – better privacy than BTC, but with public blockchain and possibility to prove payment to authorities? ZCash gives you all. Almost no change this month.
  • Neo – last month 1st place, still in our ranking with 5% loss, placed on the 8th place this month.
  • Tron – created to reward “content creators” Tron, created in 2017, is placed on 9th place with 12% loss in a month.
  • Dash – our last place with the loss of 13% Dash, cryptocurrency with fast and private transactions, has noticed a price drop of almost $100.

Another tough month behind us, three places in the ranking noticed a loss and even remaining cryptocurrencies didn’t come back to near December price.  

We hope that the March ranking will be all green!

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