Too young to be a millionaire? Erik Finman proves not

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Bitcoin is the very first cryptocurrency, created in 2009, and the person responsible forwho stands behind the project is still a mystery.

All we know for sure is that he is a programmer and a visionary, hiding under a nickname Satoshi Nakamoto. The price of Bitcoin was very low at the beginning, and the very first transaction was a purchase of a pizza for 10 000 BTC.


Maybe you’re lucky to be one of the early investors, who bought Bitcoin 9 years ago – congratulations then. Some of theose people are now millionaires,; all they did was by buying or mining huge amount of those coins. Erik Finman is one of them. He is the youngest Bitcoin millionaire since he earned his first million at the age of 18.


His adventure started on his twelfth birthday aswhen his grandmother giftedgave him with $1,000 for this occasion. Young Erik decided to spend it all on Bitcoin, which cost was $12 at that time. As a 15-year-old BTC holder, he proposed a plan to his parents: to drop out of high school , he would sell some of his BTC for 100 000 dollars and start a career as an entrepreneur running an education and technology company. The condition was that he has to become a millionaire at the age of 18 so that his parents won’t wouldn’t force him to finish formalized education.



Eventually, Erik’s parents agreed. He sold his Bitcoins, moved to the Silicon Valley with his whole family, and founded Botangle company. During developing the business, he met some important personalities, such as Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit and one of the board members of Uber. At the age of 16, he sold his company for 300 Bitcoins, so that the number owf BTC he owed was 403.


When the price of Bitcoin hit $2,700, Erik became a millionaire, and as the rate rose to $4,300, his assets were worth $1,7 million. The teenager managed to meet the conditions of the contract with his parents. Being 18 he reached a million, so he could decide not to go to university.


His plans are growing big. He wants to fulfill one of his dreams, which is traveling to Mars. He also wants to keep diversity in his business, so he keeps investing in other cryptocurrencies – not only Bitcoin. It’s a full-time job since to keep his investments safe he keeps checking the news from the crypto world every 30 minutes.


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