The Very First Blockchain Association In Mexico

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Blockchain industry companies in Mexico have formed an official association. One of the founding members is ConsenSys, one of the biggest blockchain developing firms in the world.

Earlier this year, Bitso, a Bitcoin exchange in Mexico, listed on its platform a few other cryptocurrencies. This North American country which hasn’t developed many blockchain-related projects so far, takes a big step into the blockchain industry.

Working together

Bitso, Volabit, BIVA, Lvna Capital, ConsenSys, Exponent Capital and GBM have established the Blockchain Association of Mexico (BAM). The new organization wants to educate people in Mexico about development and potential application of the new technology.

Felipe Vallejo, a temporary president of the BAM, said:

“Blockchain technology has the objective of creating more transparent, safe and efficient procedures.”

The organization is still searching for new members. Maria Ariza, director of BIVA, claims that the association wants to generate space for discussion and public policy. Everyone should be able to present new ideas, she said.

Other associations

In the recent past, various organizations have been launched to promote new technology. Three days ago, the Association for Digital Asset Markets (ADAM) was formed by financial and tech companies. It is going to create a “code of conduct” of cryptocurrency-related actions.

Earlier this year, few US-based crypto firms established the Blockchain Association in Washington D.C. The association represents companies that want to operate in the United States.


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