The best jokes from cryptoworld

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To provide you with some laugh, today I would like to present you the best jokes connected with cryptocurrencies I could find. After some, you will be searching for a glass of water, and some may give you tears of joy… Or sorrow.

Here are some of our favourites:

Well, miners… Don’t take it so personally.

Q. What’s the difference between an average bitcoin miner and an average plumber?
A.  An average plumber can at least solve a block.

Q. How many miners does it take to change a lightbulb?
A. A million – One to do it and 999,999 to verify that he did.

Q. Why won’t the government embrace bitcoin?
A. They hate the idea of a ‘Proof Of Work’.


Naughty, but good one. If you would like to read about cryptocurrencies in adult industry, click here.

Q. I paid a hooker with bitcoins once and asked if I’d ever see her again.
A. She said sure, next week you’ll find me just a few blocks away.

Q. Why do Bitcoin cryptologists drive recklessly?
A. The chance of a collision is 1 in 3,675,829,765,987,568,478.

Do you see the trick?

Q. How much did it cost to invent bitcoin?
A. One Satoshi.

Q. Who is Bitcoin’s least favorite rapper?
A. 2chainz!

Knock Knock!
— 10 minutes later
Who’s there?
Never mind.

Q. What’s Satoshi’s favorite brand of sneakers?

Now some funny things we found on Twitter.


All the presented materials are strictly humorous. Hope you enjoy it.

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