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01/13/20 3:03 PM

Another week, another news. In the time when the global political situation is getting complicated, cryptocurrencies appear to thrive. In the...

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01/10/20 11:54 AM

Blockchain became a vital part of the modern economy. But is this trend likely to continue in the future? In the...

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01/8/20 10:49 AM

The blockchain industry has changed a lot since the announcement of Bitcoin. The first cryptocurrency has also underwent many transformations until...

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01/6/20 1:42 PM

Welcome back in the first Weekly Update in 2020! Let’s see what new happened in the crypto world this time. The...

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01/3/20 9:36 AM

2020 is already here. What will the new year bring for the blockchain industry? Is it going to be a good...