Who is standing behind attacks on cryptomarket exchanges? North Korea?

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Back in February, a Bithumb employee’s private computer has been under attack.

As a result cryptocurrencies worth almost 7 million $ have been stolen (now it would probably be worth almost 90 million $). Also personal information about 30,000 people.

Chief intelligence agency from South Korea is suspecting that programmers from North Korea are responsible for attacks on South Korea’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange market. During the attack, hackers have stolen almost 8 billion won worth of cryptocurrencies. But what is more concerning, not only cryptocurrencies were a subject of interest of attackers. They have also stolen personal information of about 30,000 people.

This situation is highly connected with draining of funds from an unknown number of accounts a little later on Bithumb.

The first information about that situation showed in July when Bithumb declared to pay out money for those who became a victim, saying:

“In addition, for the members who suffer additional damage due to this incident, we will compensate the entire amount of damages in a responsible manner,”

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) has officially passed evidence to prosecutors that would confirm attacks, according to a report by the BBC. What’s more, the hackers demanded over 5 million dollars for destroying all takeover personal information (it’s about 6 million won).

Not only Bithumb

Bithumb wasn’t the only cryptocurrency exchange market that has been robbed in this year. It is assumed that 25 employees at 4 different exchanges were targeted during the 10 hacking attempts called “spear phishing” this year. It is confirmed by officials from South Korea’s National Police Agency.

What’s more, NIS (National Intelligence Service) is suspecting that Bithumb wasn’t the only target of North Korea. They have a suspicion that North Korea was behind another attack in September on another South Korean cryptocurrency exchange – Coinis. They believe that both cases are connected with each other and may be part of coordinated effort to avoid sanctions.

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