Shevchenko and Scholes Support A Blockchain Startup

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Former Manchester United player and Andriy Shevchenko, a legendary striker of AC Milan, have supported a new blockchain project. Soccer Legends Unlimited, a Hong Kong-based company, wants to integrate new technology into the football world.

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Legends on the pitch

Paul Scholes is a true football legend. 11-times English Premier League champion has been one of the most honored players of all time. Now, he is the analyst for BT Sport.

Andriy Shevchenko won the Ballon d’Or, the most important trophy any player can get. He was also UEFA Champions League top scorer. Since 2016, he has been the Ukraine’s head coach.

Now, they both have joined a new Startup. The project, called 433 Token, is aiming at integrating blockchain technology and smart contacts into the most popular sport in the world. The two former footballers will not only support the Startup but they will “personally participate in the ecosystem as mentor and event hosts,” according to a statement on Medium.

The company wants to sign 8 other players after the fundraising is over.

Football – the most popular sport in the world

Roughly 4 billion people watch football. It means that this is the most well-known sport in the world. It also means that there are a few billion potential investors.

Soccer Legends Limited trusts that the blockchain technology can be used to bring fans closer to their idols. To do that, the company has built a new token – 433 Token, based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Right now, the company has started a pre-sale of its tokens. There will be 300 million tokens available for purchase which is 30 percent of the total sale. Each 433 Token will cost US$0.09.

To meet the legend

Soccer Legends Limited has created a system, in which “Fellowship of the Legends”, a selected group of former players, will pick out young talented players and mentor them. The legends will be called “Principals” and they will meet with their student at least four times a year. On that meetings, they will teach their protege technical skills, ethics, leadership, and also provide financial support if needed.

Before meeting with students, the Principals will offer 433 Token holders to sponsor the mentorship via smart contract. The sponsors will be able to follow the process closely and get access to training data.

The company is going to organize special events (charity dinners, a tour at Giuseppe Meazza Stadium museum, penalty shootouts, etc.) with the participation of the legends. Token holders will bid for these events. The highest bidder will win the event. The rest will get back their tokens.

Fans will also vote via the platform. They will pick a venue and a roster for the upcoming Global Legends Series (GLS) games. For instance, they can vote on next game’s destination.

That’s not the first time when Startup wants to activate football fans using blockchain. Earlier this week, CoinDeal enlisted new coin for its platform – Football Coin (XFC), which is the currency for Football Manager.

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