Sephora And Bitcoin – What Does These Two Have In Common?

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Sephora, a French chain beauty store known all around the world, has turned towards cryptocurrencies. The brand teamed up with Lolli startup and will now allow its clients to earn bitcoins during online shopping. Surprisingly, Sephora won’t be the first beauty brand to get interested in crypto assets.

Lipstick and bitcoin

Cooperation between big, worldwide brands and startups has become more of a thing lately than it has ever been. It brings both parties visible benefits and also helps developing new projects. The company usually provides money and the startup works on the technological issues. This time, a partnership like that has been created between another two firms – Sephora and Lolli.

Worldwide known Sephora has decided to offer its clients a new feature in the online store. Now, it will be possible to earn money while making your usual beauty shopping on the Internet. The French concern prepared an innovation on their website. Thanks to a Lolli app (provided by its new partner) it will be possible to earn back some of the cash from the shopping, in the form of Bitcoin.

Why Lolli?

Lolli is a startup provider of an application that you can add to your online browser. The website assures that you can get bitcoin just by shopping online. Despite being on the market only for a couple of months, Lolli has already created some significant partnerships. Among them is another beauty retailer from the US – Ulta, and also a fashion brand, Everlane. The partners of Lolli give the startup fiat from the clients, which it converts into bitcoin rewards for shoppers.

Since Lolli’s launch in September 2018, the company has raised around 2.35 million USD and has paid users an average of 0.0029 bitcoin per purchase. However, the rewards obviously depend on the kind of brand and on the amount spent.

What else?

Other interesting feature, maybe more so for the men out there. If you’re looking for a Christmas present for your other half that loves Sephora’s cosmetics, you might consider a gift card to use in this shop. Now, you can pay for it with Bitcoin. It seems like the French company has taken its crypto engagement very seriously, on many levels.

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