Sending And Receiving Bitcoin Without Internet

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Blockstream, a blockchain technology company, has launched the second phase of its satellite-based Bitcoin communications project called Blockstream Satellite. The company provides now satellite coverage of the Asia Pacific region.

Over two months ago, Blockstream launched Liquid Network, the first-ever Bitcoin (BTC) sidechain.

To cover the whole world

On December 17, the company confirmed launching the second phase of its project via blog post. Blockstream stated in the announcement:

“We are pleased to announce that Phase 2 coverage of the Blockstream Satellite network is now live. Previously covering North and South America, Europe, and Africa, the addition of the Asia-Pacific region to Blockstream Satellite brings free access to some of the most populous regions of the world.”

The company also revealed the Blockchain Satellite API (Application Programming Interface). According to Blockstream, it will be “a groundbreaking new broadcast service”. The API should empower users of the platform to access the Blockstream Satellite network to broadcast data across the whole world. Users will pay for it via the Lightning Network.

How does it work?

Users of the Blockstream Satellite can broadcast encrypted data to everyone with a satellite receiver or target specific users by using encryption through Satellite API. Thanks to Lighting Network which creates onion-routed payments, it will be possible to keep full anonymity, where no one can identify the content, the receiver or the sender.

The coverage of Asia Pacific region required more ground stations (the company calls it ‘Teleports’). They provide redundancy to ensure the network is kept up and running.

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