Selling State Secrets For Bitcoin?

Maja Mazur
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French security official suspected of selling confidential state information on Darknet in exchange for Bitcoin was arrested by French police on September the 26th.

Breaking news

According to Le Parisien, French daily newspaper covering national and international news, one of the security officials working for the General Directorate for Internal Security (GDIS), was arrested on September 26th for selling government information of high secrecy on the Darkweb.

The employee of the month

Reportedly, the agent gained access to the GDIS archives to get to the state-level documents and sell them later on the Dark Web in exchange for Bitcoin. However, the amount of money that the suspect supposedly earned wasn’t revealed. Le Parisien reports that the official was working with some organized crime groups, but police didn’t disclose any links to terrorism. The information leaks were discovered by the Judicial Police. After notifying GDIS, the further investigation took off, but no other news was shared with the public opinion.

What lies ahead for the suspect

The data files within the GDIS can be classified as ‘confidential defense’ or ‘secret defense’, according to The Next Web. For leaking documents of this level of secrecy, one can be punished with up to seven years of prison sentence and a fine of even 100,000 euro. That leaves to the imagination if the whole act was worthwhile. It obviously depends on the amount that the suspect might have earned. But is really a bunch of bitcoins worth losing a job and spending years in a cell?

Bad connotations

Bitcoin has always been related to darknet and perceived as a currency of drug dealers or other criminals to make secret online purchases. Turns out now it can also be used for buying confidential data at the state level. It doesn’t presage any good for the leading cryptocurrency, unfortunately. Actions like that make all the Bitcoin holders look shady, often mistakenly. The currency is just very accessible to purchase and use for criminals and other individuals, which makes it an easy target for illegal transactions.


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