SBI Group and Cryptocurrencies

Marcin Iwański
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According to the Nikkei, the SBI Group, a Japanese financial services giant, acquired the stocks of Clear Markets.

Clear Markets is a U.S.-based electronic trading platform developer and operator that offers over-the-counter derivatives electronic trading services in the U.S.

According to the company’s report, the operating unit of SBI Holdings acquired 12% of Clear Markets’ shares. Unofficially, the transaction price was over $9 million. By investing in Clear Markets, SBI hopes to create a trading platform, which will attract institutional investors and increase theirs position in the market.

The SBI Group plans to set up a Credit Default Swaps (CDS) trading platform for the cryptocurrency market. The purpose of the platform is to hedge the inherent risk associated with investing in cryptocurrencies.

The main advantage, that derivatives offer investors, is that they provide hedging against risks in an unstable market, such as cryptocurrencies. By using cryptographic derivatives such as ETFs, investors can participate, to a large extent, in the cryptocurrency market.

Also, the SBI Group grows their impact on the cryptocurrency market and has made a few cryptocurrency-based investments. Earlier this month they invested in Canada’s Lancium Technologies, which provides wind power to digital currency “mines”. The investment will help SBI lower its environmental burden as a miner of Bitcoin Cash and expand abroad.

In May this year, the SBI Group announced that it intends to open its own cryptocurrency exchange platform; SBI Virtual Currencies. Some analysts spoke about the probable exchange the deputy of the Coincheck by the newly formed platform from the SBI Group, a major player from the financial sector in Japan.


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