Ronaldinho will release his own cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrencies got popularity at the end of 2017. People outside the IT industry found them as a niche to create new businesses. Celebrities didn’t bypass that topic too.

One of them is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira – known as Ronaldinho. He is a Brazilian soccer star. Now, when he has decided to retire, he was looking for a way to improve soccer industry due to his vision: to create a new soccer world of “hopes, dreams and smiles”.

Ronaldinho decided to release his own cryptocurrency, the aim of which will be to create a soccer academy, organize amateur matches around the world, develop and operate a betting platform and develop blockchain technology.

Project’s assumptions

Beside Soccer Coin, he also wants to build the whole platform. One of the projects in “Ronaldinho stadium in IT / AI / VR / AR Technology”. Stadiums will be located in over 300 places all over the world like Africa or Asia. Created stadiums will analyze players’ skills and save them in blockchain to create perfectly suited soccer team. That kind of project may become a revolution especially by using blockchain technology. The project should be realized in the next three years.

The promotional video has been released on July 6th, the exact same day in which Brazilian representation (in which Ronaldinho was playing until 2013) in soccer has lost against Belgium.

Soccer Coin

Before signing the contract, the cryptocurrency was working titled “World Soccer Coin”. Now the project is called Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC). There will be exact 350,000,000 coins. From that amount, 140,000,000 coins will be offered in private sale on July 15th. The first crowd sale is announced on August 6th.
On the official website of project you can see that, due to the roadmap, two stadiums in East Asia are going to be put into service in July 2018. In October 2018 they should begin development of services using VR technology, Virtual Services. The white paper of coin is still not available what is strange if the private sell is going to start in three days. As on website states, RSC is supported by NEO blockchain.  
Ronaldinho has shared his thoughts about the project itself and the decision to join it. He said:

“Ever since I thought of retiring, I started to think about my life after retirement.
I also thought of what I can do.
Soccer has always been a part of my life.
Also, I have a passion for music.
Soccer and music crosses borders, language, time and is a common culture across the world.”


Presented graphic is from project’s website.

From now, out of gratitude, I want to deliver dreams, hope and smiles to people around the world through soccer and music.

The whole project seems promising, but the time and developers’ job will tell.



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