Privacy policy

Terms of service provided by of 1 October 2017


CHAPTER I. subject of regulation

1.1. These Terms and Conditions determine the rules for using the services provided by the Service Provider via the Internet through the Internet Services available at the following Internet addresses:

1.2. The service provider within the meaning of these Regulations is BLOCKCHAIN24 sp. z o.o., pl. Solny 14 A lok. 6, Wrocław 50-062, Poland, wNIP: 8971847045.

CHAPTER II. definitions

  1. Definitions used in this Regulation mean:
  2. a) Blog – an Internet blog run by the Service Provider on the Internet;
  3. b) Forum – online forum at The forum may be moderated or unmoderated;
  4. c) Account – available to the User after proper login part of the Service allowing to collect and modify his personal data and other data stored in the Service;
  5. d) Profile – User data collected on the Service, which You may modify, supplement or delete;
  6. e) Post – user statement on the Forum;
  7. f) Service – An Internet service distributed at one of the addresses if it is marked as maintained by the Service Provider;
  8. g) User – a natural or foreign individual who has properly registered on the Service and is a service recipient or a person who uses the Services without registration;
  9. h) Services – provided to you by the Service Provider or third parties, for payment or free of charge, services related to the operation of the Service, and other activities.

CHAPTER III. general terms of service use

3.1. Use of the Services provided by the Service Provider is voluntary and free of charge to all Users after proper registration on the Service.

3.2. Use of certain Services does not require registration in the Service. The terms of use of such Services shall be governed by separate provisions.

3.3. The service provider may charge you for some services. You will be informed before you download the fee.

3.4. The service provider provides services to the Users themselves. The provider may entrust the provision of certain services to third parties or provide services through third parties who may act on behalf of or for the benefit of the Service Provider. In such case, the Service Provider will inform the User of the person, address and other data of the third party.

3.5. The proper use of the services provided on the Service is only possible through the Internet connection of a PC, Mac or similar computer equipped with an operating system (eg Linux, Mac OS, Windows or similar) and a web browser (eg Firefox, Opera, Safari or similar).

CHAPTER IV. registration in the Service, protection of personal data

4.1. The Service Provider provides the Users with the protection of personal data collected in the Service in accordance with applicable law and these Regulations. The data collector is the Service Provider.

4.2. When registering on the Services, the User shall in particular provide the following personal data

  1. a) name and surname,
  2. b) e-mail address,
  3. c) login (nick)

(d) the data necessary to issue the invoice, when using paid services.

4.3. Use of the Services may require you to provide data of a different kind.

4.4. The user’s personal data is entirely voluntary and the data specified in paragraph 4.2 lit. b-c and para. 4.3 may be required for the proper provision of the Service on the Service. The service provider does not verify the personal data provided. Every time you need to provide this personal information, you will be notified separately

4.5. The Service Provider shall process the following operating data regarding the User:

  1. a) identification identifying the User, based on the data specified in section 4.2;
  2. b) signs identifying the termination of the telecommunications network or teleinformatic system used by the User;

(c) information on the commencement, completion and use of the service provided electronically;

  1. d) information about the User’s use of services provided electronically.

4.6. Use of the Services provided through the Services may require that you consent to the storage by the Service Provider of information, in particular small text files (cookies), or access to stored files of this type on your device. These files do not change the configuration of your computer or mobile device, do not install or uninstall any computer programs, viruses or Trojans, do not interfere with the integrity of your system or your data, and may be removed at any time by You. You may refuse to grant consent by using the appropriate configuration tools in your web browser.

4.7. The above provisions apply accordingly to Users not registered on the Service, if necessary to use the services provided by the Service Provider.

4.8. Correct use of certain Services may require you to authorize the Service Provider to collect or store your personal information to improve the quality of your Services. The user will always be informed about the type of data being developed, the scope of data development and the purpose of developing them.

4.9. Detailed information on the principles of processing personal data and storing the information referred to in sec. 4.6, specifies the “Privacy Policy”.


5.1. In order to register the Account and to use the Services provided on the Site, the User agrees to:

  1. a) processing, storing, preserving, storing, developing, providing, transmitting and deleting your personal data by the Service Provider to the extent necessary to provide services through the Service,
  2. b) processing, collection, retention, storage, development, disclosure and deletion of User’s personal data by the Service Provider for marketing and statistical purposes,
  3. c) processing, storage, processing, dissemination, disclosure and deletion of the User’s personal data for advertising, market research and behavior and preferences of the recipients for the purpose of improving the quality of services provided through the Service,
  4. d) disseminating the User’s personal information stored in the Profile on the Internet in the manner specified in the relevant part of the Service.

5.2. Provision of certain services on the Service by third parties may require that your personal information be disclosed to third parties. The need to consent to the release or transfer of personal information will be communicated to the user before they are provided.

5.3. You agree to receive from the Service Provider the technical e-mail address and other data related to the functioning of the Service. The Service Provider is not responsible for any consequences resulting from the User’s incorrect or inaccurate data.


6.1. Prior to using the Services provided on the Service, each User should register the Account. Registration is based on the correct registration form available on the appropriate subpage of By registering the Account, a service contract is concluded electronically between the Service Provider and the User for an indefinite period of time.

6.2. The user should provide true and correct data necessary to register the Account. The user should update the data collected on the Website as necessary.

6.3. You should properly protect your data for use of the Services, in particular your password for access to the Service. Only one User can use one account. You may not share the data you need to use the Account with others.

6.4. Termination of the agreement by the User and deletion of the Account occurs at the request of the user addressed via e-mail to the Service Provider (email address [email protected] or by submitting appropriate service on the Website, with a two week notice period. You lose your ability to use the Services.

6.5. Termination and deletion of the Account do not involve the removal of works, data, opinions, comments and other activities from the Service, unless these Terms and Conditions pertain to the Services.

6.6. The Provider may terminate the agreement with the User with a weekly notice period and delete the Account after that period if:

  1. a) the User’s use of the services provided on the Service is contrary to the applicable norms,
  2. b) The User calls on the Service to commit a crime or commits an offense, or violates the rights of third parties,
  3. c) The User specifically violates the terms of these Terms and Conditions, or the rights of third parties, including other Users of the Service,
  4. d) The user places offensive or vulgar content, or if he distributes advertisements in posts.

6.7. In cases of lesser weight, the Service Provider may temporarily suspend the Account or temporarily suspend the Account for a period not longer than 30 days. During this period, the User may not use the Services indicated by the Service Provider. Suspension of the Account occurs after the User’s unsuccessful call to cease action.

6.8. The Service Provider’s notice of termination of the agreement concluded with the User and the liquidation of the Account or the suspension of the Account are submitted by means of electronic communication to the e-mail address indicated by the User in the Profile.

6.9. Upon termination of the Account, the Service Provider shall cease providing the Services to You. If you use paid services, the Service Provider is obliged to return the unused portion of the charge.


7.1. By using the services provided by the Service Provider, each User undertakes to:

  1. a) respect for the legal order, in particular the provisions on the protection of personal data and personal property of others,
  2. b) compliance with the rules of these Regulations,
  3. c) use the Services in a manner consistent with their purpose,

(d) respect for the generally applicable law, netiquette and personal rights of other Users,

  1. e) not using techniques and devices that interfere with the work of the IT infrastructure.

7.2. A user can not:

  1. a) advertise and other commercial information within the Services not intended for that purpose,
  2. b) post, distribute or store in the Data Service, in particular works and other materials, to which a third party is entitled, unless the User has obtained the appropriate consent of the person,
  3. c) provide, distribute or store in the Service unlawful content, in particular content and symbols that are unlawful, calling for racial, religious, ethnic, propaganda or otherwise objectionable content,
  4. d) use the Services for political or religious agitation in the Services for this purpose,
  5. e) use expressions commonly known as vulgar or offensive, violating the rules of netiquette.

7.3. The Service Provider is not responsible for the actions and omissions of the Users. In particular, the Service Provider shall not be liable for any infringement of personal or third party rights by Users or third parties.

7.4. The Service Provider is not responsible for acts or omissions of third parties taken under the influence of opinions and comments distributed on the Service.

7.5. The Service Provider reserves the right to interrupt the availability of the Service, especially for technical or other reasons. The provider shall ensure that the planned technical work will be carried out in particular at night, in such a way as to cause the least possible nuisance for the Users.

7.6. The User grants the Service Provider unlimited space and time, a non-exclusive license to distribute to the Internet the identified works provided by the User in such a way that each person has access to them at a time and place designated by him.

7.7. The service provider may also use the works referred to in para. 7.6 for the purpose of promoting and advertising the Services or Services and for the purposes of the Service Provider’s own marketing. This entitlement also applies to the composition of works.

7.8. You may revoke the authorization referred to in paragraph 1 at any time. 7.6 by removing the song from the User’s server. Termination of the contract and removal of the account is not the same as the cancellation of the permit.

7.9. Under the license granted by the User referred to in sec. 7.6 and 7.7 You are not entitled to any remuneration from the Service Provider. The user waives his right to remuneration in an irrevocable manner.

7.10. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any unauthorized use of the works and other data by the User by third parties, in particular downloading for distribution and further distribution of the User’s work by a third party.

7.11. The Service Provider is not responsible for the content and data provided by Users, as well as the content and data distributed in comments to posts, if they come from Users, unless otherwise stated in these Terms.

7.12. Your Service Provider may block access or permanently delete any data that you have distributed, including any post, track or comment, if you receive official or reliable information about the unlawfulness of such data. In this case, the Service Provider is released from liability for the consequences of blocking access or deleting data.

7.13. The service provider is not responsible for the use of published materials and suggestions or opinions for investment processes and decisions.

CHAPTER VIII. Terms of Service

8.1. Conclusion of the Service Agreement does not require the User to use all Services. You may, at its sole discretion, terminate your use of the Services at your own discretion.

8.2. The Service Provider may extend or restrict the Services provided and terminate the Services. To this end, the Service Provider changes the contents of the Regulations and informs the Users in the manner indicated in paragraph. 10.2. In such a case, the User may terminate the agreement with the Service Provider at the notice of termination.

8.3. The Provider may terminate the User Agreement for the provision of particular Services for important reasons indicated in the Regulations and in the manner indicated in the Regulations, with a two week notice period.

8.4. You may terminate the Service Agreement at any time, unless separate contract terms specify a specific termination notice.

8.5. Detailed rules for the use of individual Services may specify separate regulations and descriptions of the provision of these Services.

8.6. The Forum is a service that allows users to comment on events and events publicly. Use of the Services in the Forum does not require registration of the User, unless the Service Provider has introduced the need to register Users for a particular type of Forum.

8.7. You acknowledge and agree that your postings are publicly available on the Internet. You agree that other Users may comment on its content.

8.8. The Provider may terminate the Forum Service Agreement with a two-week notice period if:

  1. a) The user is legally allowed to violate the generally applicable laws, personal rights of other persons or if he distributes within the comments of works to which he has not acquired the copyrights,
  2. b) if the comments are purely commercial or spammy.

8.9. By the expiration of the notice period, the Service Provider may suspend the User’s Account in the manner specified in para. 7.12.

8.10. The Service Provider does not check or moderate content from Users before they are distributed, or after distribution. The Service Provider may mark the Forum as moderated, ie, review or moderate the content of the User.

CHAPTER IX. Complaints

9.1. Each User has the right to file a complaint related to the way the service is provided, in particular the failure or improper performance of the service by the Service Provider, and also:

  1. a) the method or quality of providing the Services,
  2. b) the activity of the Website,
  3. c) payment for services rendered.

9.2. The user makes a complaint by email by sending a message to [email protected] or by post to: BLOCKCHAIN24 sp. z o.o., pl. Solny 14 A lok. 6, Wrocław 50-062, Poland, NIP: 8971847045, indicating concurrently:

  1. a) user identification data,
  2. b) defining the type of service advertised and the subject matter of the complaint,
  3. c) the circumstances justifying the complaint,
  4. d) Your claim.

9.3. The service provider shall deal with the complaint without delay, however not later than within 14 days of the date of its filing, and shall then inform the User about the manner of handling it.

9.4. If the complaint submitted by the User does not meet the conditions specified in sec.

9.5. The Service Provider invokes the User, by means of a message addressed to the e-mail address, to complete the complaint.

9.6. The Service Provider shall process the complaint without undue delay, however not later than within 14 calendar days of the date of the complaint, informing the User about the manner of settling the complaint. In the cases referred to in 24.4 The 14-day period runs from the date of completion of the complaint by the User.

9.7. If, after consideration of the complaint, it is found to be related to the way the service is provided and is based on irregularities in the operation of the operator’s external payment system, the Service Provider shall notify the User and, upon receipt of the User’s consent, forward the complaint to the appropriate service provider. The complaint at a later stage will be recognized in accordance with the provisions of the service provider

9.8. If, after consideration of the complaint, it appears that it is a transaction made with a payment card and consists of improper use of the payment card or other causes connected with the payment card used, the Service Provider shall notify the User indicating the card issuer as the subject to whom the complaint should be addressed.

9.9. Upon successful consideration of the complaint, according to the User’s request, the Service Provider or reimbursement of the User’s fees or discounts to the Service or start the service of the Service in accordance with the arrangements made with the User.

CHAPTER X. final provisions

10.1. The Service Provider reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions for important reasons, in particular due to changes in the scope of the Services or changes in generally applicable regulations in the scope of the scope of these Regulations. The amendment enters into force two weeks after the notification of the User.

10.2. Notification of changes to the Terms and Conditions may be made in particular by posting the relevant information on, when logging on to the User, or by sending information to the User’s e-mail address.

10.3. If you do not agree to use the Services in the manner specified in the amended Terms and Conditions, you may terminate the agreement and delete the Account with a two week notice period.

10.4. This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 October 2017.