Port Authority Of Valencia Joins To Shipment Project

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IBM and Maersk, a shipment giant, have teamed up to develop blockchain-based (DLT) platform called TradeLens. On Nov. 5th, the largest port in Spain joined forces.

A week ago, we reported that nobody wants to join Maersk and IBM in their venture. As it turned out, the two companies have found another participant.

Cooperation not rivalry

TradeLens uses Distribute Ledger Technology (DLT) in global supply chains. The two corporations want to attract other big players on the supply market. They are convinced that without other participants the whole project doesn’t make any sense.

Port Authority of Valencia (PAV), often called as Valenciaport, is the public body responsible for running three state-owned ports: Port of Valencia, Port of Sagunto, Port of Gandia.

The Authority announced its joining the project via official publication on its website.  In the announcement the PAV said that it had integrated into the Trade Lens as “Early Adopter”. That means that the Port will contribute to the platform early development.

Other tries to implement blockchain

Earlier this year, the PAV wanted to implement the blockchain to its use. Jose Garcia De La Guia, Information Technology Manager at the PAV, said that the Port should become a “smart port”. In order to reach that goal, the Authority wants to try big data and blockchain technologies.

There have been other attempts to implement new technology into global shipping.

A few weeks ago, Port of Rotterdam announced its cooperation with Dutch Bank AMBRO and Samsung. The three parties want to reduce shipping time and simplify financial transactions.

In September, Associated British Ports, the leading port operator in the U.K., signed a deal with Marine Transport International, a logistics giant. The two companies work on blockchain development for its port logistics.


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