Polish Bank Introduces Blockchain-Based Communication System

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One of the biggest Polish banks, PKO BP, has implemented a new method of blockchain-based communication with its clients. After announcing it on Twitter almost two months ago, now the firm has officially informed all account holders about this innovation.

Fulfilling the promises

In September, we wrote about an interesting announcement made by one of the biggest Polish banks on its Twitter account. PKO BP informed that as the pioneer in the Polish banking industry, it is going to fully implement blockchain technology.

Now, two months later, the bank has officially fulfilled the promise. Every client has received a newsletter explaining all the changes. The blockchain-based communication system is now a reality.

How it works

The new arrangement includes e-mail confirmations that every client will be receiving from now on. All of the regulations, authorisations and contracts will be sent to every account holder automatically, thanks to the new blockchain-based system. The messages will mostly contain information about document changes. In the correspondence, the bank will also provide a unique identifier (hash) that gives access to the online file archive.

The bank presented many advantages to this idea. First of all, from now on, every client will have the access to all the information all the time. The account holders will also be able to check whether the received electronic document is authentic and whether its content has not been changed by someone unauthorised. Such a possibility wasn’t available before.

For more information about the new blockchain technology, the bank sends the clients to the official website.


The change is here


The cryptocurrency regulations in Poland are quite clear. Blockchain technologies stopped being futuristic and became normal. More and more companies decide to implement them in their daily operations and services. PKO may be the first bank in Poland to do that, but in other countries, blockchain technology is basically a necessity for bankers.


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