Opera’s New Business Partnership

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Opera continues to develop the new blockchain feature by partnering with strategy advisor, Ledger Capitals, in order to deliver its users a full-on, distinctive experience of having a cryptocurrency wallet built into their web browser.

Opera has always been a big and influential player on the web browsing stage, but now it also enables its users to enter the cryptocurrency world. Ever since the announcement we wrote about earlier, everyone has been watching Opera very carefully, waiting for other news on the new blockchain addition to the web browser.

Strategic partnership

Opera is a commonly used web browser, known by millions of people across the world, but not many of them realise that their favourite online service provider is about to deliver some new interesting features. According to a recent press release, Opera has partnered with Ledger Capital, an investment firm focused on digital assets and cryptocurrency trading, in order to explore the use of blockchain technology.

Taking advice

Ledger Capital has been providing strategic, technological and financial advisory services to various blockchain initiatives and projects in many firms. Opera sees the partnership as a growth opportunity and a good development of the whole concern. The company is not new to the blockchain stage and has already been making some steps towards creating an innovative crypto wallet for its users. A new addition to Opera products may attract some new clients, interested in the cryptocurrency world. This feature is believed to create a space for crypto maniacs right inside their web browser.

Crypto journey

Opera opened the beta-stage product to the public in July, at the same time becoming the first major mobile browser to add a built-in crypto wallet. Now, by partnering with Ledger Capital, the company has made another big step towards the real cryptocurrency world.

Opera has paved the way for other browser providers to create some new possible additions to their products. It turns out now that the simple feature of enabling people to search things online is not enough.



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