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Until now, cryptocurrency wallets were always a third-party app, after the big success of classic mobile wallet, right now, one of the most used browser company decided to add a wallet add-on to their internet browser.

According to the announcement, the popular Internet browser Opera decided to add a “built-in” cryptocurrency wallet to their browser.

The reason behind this move is the success of their wallet on mobile devices with Android, which was launched in July. Right now, thanks to that decision, users of the Opera wallet, will be able to check their wallet without installing an application.

This is not the first digital currency movement from the Opera.  Earlier, the company introduced an Ethereum-based wallet to their app family.

“The new, integrated PC-mobile crypto wallet solution will be added to the Opera mobile and PC browsers soon, eventually enabling the company’s more than 322 million users to start using the wallet in their everyday lives and across their devices.”

The cryptocurrency wallet on the PC version of Opera removed the main obstacles currently facing crypto wallets users. The wallet will use a mobile-desktop system connection. It means that the wallet can implement the phone’s secure system lock to enable users to sign transactions using their fingerprints, rather than entering passwords into their browsers. The function for Android was called “Crypto Wallet” and is now available as a beta version of the Opera browser.

“After making crypto payments smooth and easy on mobile, we wanted the find the perfect solution for PCs,” says Krystian Kolondra, EVP Browsers. “We realized that the best way is to utilize our new mobile crypto wallet technology and to give our PC users access to it.”

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