One of the oldest companies in England, Sharps Pixley is going to accept Bitcoin payments


Gold is the most valuable precious metal. It has been desired for centuries and, what’s funny, it occurs in a human body too. For sure, a price of Bitcoin is more variable than the price of gold. That’s why this offer can interest many Bitcoins’ owners.

Sharps Pixley was created in 1778 by William Sharp. Directed to investors interested in buying, selling or storing precious metals. Despite the long tradition, owner of a company – Degussa Goldhandel Group is trying to run a company innovatively. After opening an online store with their products, a company set up a high-end store in London with exclusive and limited products. Next and the most surprising step of the company is to accept Bitcoin payments allowing to buy gold with this cryptocurrency.

“It is our view that many investors in bitcoin would like the option of holding intrinsic value in a traditional safe haven asset like gold, and be able to switch across in a simple and cost effective way. That avenue is now open to them,” said Ross Norman, the firm’s chief executive.

You can buy gold via Bitpay, new investment partner of Sharps Pixley. What’s more, customers won’t pay costs of the denomination.  The question is, how many of traditional owners of gold will interest in Bitcoin?

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