One of the biggest player in graphic cards production – NVidia, recorded 34% on-year jump

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One of the biggest player in graphics cards production – Nvidia, recorded 34% on-year jump.

Thanks to Bitcoin-mania all over last year, Nvidia’s graphics cards were sold instantly. With all noises about how cryptocurrencies ruined the game industry, that is a proof that a company which pushes that industry, recorded profit.

GPU mining

The main reason behind Nvidia’s profit is cryptocurrency mining. First, you need to know how it works. In simple words, it is making your hardware (usually GPU) solve cryptographic problems. In fact, it is more complex, if you want to know more, here is our mining guide.

A lot of people decided to start mining with the beginning of Bitcoin mania a few months ago.  As you might know, Nvidia produces one of the best GPU chips. Price and quality, those are two reasons why most miners choose GPU mining at the beginning of their road.

Lately, mining cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, become highly profitable.


Nvidia wants to be a part of the gaming community and they don’t take cryptocurrency mining as their main target. However, Nvidia’s financial specialists are excited about how popular their graphics cards have become, thanks to cryptocurrency mining.

Nvidia revealed an EPS of $1.78 on an income of $2.91 billion for the October-December.

Worldwide graphics cards producer, NVIDIA’s financial specialists and examiners were in for a surprise on Thursday with the organization announcing a 34% on-year bounce.

“Cryptocurrency accounted for a higher percentage of revenue than the previous quarter.” – Colette Kress NVidia CTO said.


Cryptocurrency mining has ruined gaming?

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