‘Once again, I’m sorry.’ – MtGox CEO

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Another Reddit AMA, this time with CEO one of the most important cryptocurrency exchange markets, Mark Karpeles the former CEO at MtGox.

One of the biggest collapses in cryptocurrency history, the bankruptcy of the MtGox; was a severe blow to the community its community. Once again the ‘MagicalTux’ has apologized for his role in the company’s bankruptcy.

I’m Mark Karpelès, ex-CEO of bankrupt MtGox. Ask me anything. from r/Bitcoin

The most important thing he tries to highlight is, that he is sorry for the failure of the exchange market and that he ‘doesn’t want this billion dollars. From day one I never expected to receive anything from this bankruptcy.’

According to the Wall Street Journal, all creditors will receive the value of Bitcoin in Japanese yen, not Bitcoin itself and rest will go to the former CEO.  ‘As creditors claims were registered, those claims were registered in the valuation of Japanese Yen on the bankruptcy date’, he said.

According to Karpeles, the exchange would receive more than “160,000 bitcoin and bitcoin cash.”

To rehabilitate he wants to cover the losses. After few questions, one of the Reddit users asked about his lost Bitcoins, Karpeles respond that he does his best, to cover as much as he can.

Will the after-bankruptcy Bitcoin sell-off affect BTC price?

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