Not Man’s World, Just A Risky Business?

Dawid Paluch
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Women in crypto. That is the topic of this piece. Once again, a man speaks on behalf of women. But I won’t mansplain anything. I will just ask a few questions.

Today I’ll be quick. I promise. It’s Saturday, for god’s sake. Don’t sit in front of the computer, get out. But first, wait for a while, and read this article.

Women are afraid of taking risk

At least, that is what Rosa-Maria Ryyti said on Twitter.

You may wonder, who the hell Rosa-Maria is. She is a Miss Universe 2015 from Finland and well-known cryptocurrency enthusiast. And that started the discussion.

It is a really interesting topic since men are responsible for over 90% of Bitcoin Community engagement.

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But is it the ‘risk factor’?

The topic got my attention, I have to admit. So, I started to search for any studies on gender risk-taking. The first thing I found, was research conducted by Mara Mather and

Nichole R. Lighthall. They claimed that “Male risk-taking tends to increase under stress, while female risk-taking tends to decrease under stress”. However, those studies are dated back to 2013. So, I tried to find something newer.

I’ve found many blog posts across the whole internet, but not so many thoroughly conducted studies. But from reading all of those articles the answer is either ‘yes’ and ‘no’ because the case isn’t that complicated.

However, I promised to be quick, so I will shorten the conclusion. In a nutshell: women are built in a different way than men. Taa-daah! Sure, they also have testosterone, as men do. But they have much less of it. Testosterone correlates to aggression and certain risk-taking behavior but does not serve as a predeterminant. Besides, women are more thoughtful. They will think twice before making any move. So, are women really less risk-taking?

Maybe so, but buying cryptocurrencies not always involve that much of risk. When I want to spend $20 dollars on cryptocurrencies, which I would spend on something anyway, I feel no risk. More of excitement or joy. I feel like a stockbroker. Where’s the risk?

Of course, if we are talking about larger numbers, the risk may be involved. But many people invest only a small percentage of their earnings. That is the most common way of buying cryptocurrencies.

And everything, that you invest in, is risky. Real estates are risky, a stock exchange is risky, startups are risky, and gold is risky. That is the nature of an investment. You win some, you lose some. So is it the risk, which prevents women from going into cryptocurrencies?

Or maybe women, in general, are not that into new technology? Of course, there are many exceptions, but in the general landscape of new technologies there are mostly men. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for women in crypto and blockchain. When we started, I worked with two other women, and they have been more competent than me. So, I don’t get mansplaining, etc. I really am all for women in the industry.Reality is that there are not many of those women. But can I change that? Don’t think so. The change can come from the top. Big companies should hire more women, which would eventually give the industry more gender equality. That would attract more women to invest. But that is just my opinion.

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