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Łukasz Mirytiuk
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Big changes on the top of CoinMarketCap, if you have checked daily trading volume,  you are probably wondering why the first two places are not OKEx and Binance.

Today CoinBene is on the first place one the most popular cryptocurrency portal, just after they introduced a new fee model. CoinBene’s “transaction fee mining” is collecting profits; they announced introduction on June 23, and now they are on the top of the ranking. In the new model, cryptocurrency exchange platform will give back 100% of users fee to the user in Coni (native currency of CoinBene). As we can find in the announcement:

“130% trading fee users produced will be returned in the volume of equal-valued Coni at 12:00 (GMT+8) in the next day.”

As we can see, they did it, and now CoinBene is on the first place in CMC ranking.

Another exchange that currently is on the 2nd place, is Hong-Kong’s Bit-Z, a cryptocurrency exchange platform created in 2016. They also changed a fee model to “mining”. It means that users are refunded (similar to CoinBene) with Bit-Z native currency.  However, users must complete the three level verification to be a part of the “fee refund”.

Cryptocurrency exchange platform, introduced their new model on June 25 via Twitter.

According to their white paper, the model works by decreasing the amount of BZ returned by 3 percent every 10 million BZ period.

You can check current mining status on Bit-Z website.

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