New Ethereum Miner!


Chen Min is a chip designer with extensive experience in creating bitcoin mining devices, and he draws attention to the ethereum protocol.

Another way of making business

Chen Min, the former chief producer of microprocessors at Canaan Creative for bitcoin mining, has begun a new venture involving the construction of cryptocurrency equipment called Linzhi. The company’s first project concerns the ethhash algorithm used by ethereum and ethereum classic, and a new line of application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) will be released next year.

New ethereum mining equipment producent claims that it consumes 1/8 of the amount of electricity as Bitmain miners, according to the Chen presentation developed for the Ethereum Classic Summit this week. It also expects to launch 1,400 million hashes per second, compared to 190 from one of the Bitmain Antminers.

The earnings

Increased attraction means that one of Linzhi’s miners should generate about USD 20 per day, compared to the forecasted USD 3 from a Bitmain miner. It means that the cost of one miner will be back in our wallet within four months of purchase.  The price of a miner stays unknown.

Currently, the company is still working on the development of the product. Customers can start receiving their miners in April 2019, according to the presentation.

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