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New patent application filled by Volkswagen for a system which will allow vehicles to communicate with one another through a network based on blockchain technology.

The idea is to increase road safety by warning about nearby cars and informing drivers about potential collisions.

The system can also be potentially used in specific road traffic maneuvers such as overtaking, the temporary handing over of the entire section of the lane to a given driver, and many others.

According to CCN, the new patent filed by Volkswagen will make driving experience better. Everyone uses a car in order to travel fast from point A to B, thanks to the new blockchain-based project; drivers, in some situations, will be able to ask other drivers to, i.e., change the driving line.

The company sees the future of such systems as “joint maneuvers to increase both safety and efficiency in road use.” The patent applies both to today’s traditional cars with drivers and to vehicles controlled by artificial intelligence. In the vision of the Group, human drivers will see where cars are moving in their vicinity. This mechanism will, of course, work in both directions.  

This could create a new road culture, i.e., based on the joint maneuvers mentioned above.

“Mutual maneuvers can be done in different ways. One effective way is to negotiate a contract between two vehicles. For example, if you are in a hurry to work and need to drive a section of the road faster, you can ask other road users to slow you down for a few minutes.  The essence of the patent is the concept of the exchange of messages between vehicles, which are signed cryptographically and serve to create networks between nearby vehicles to avoid collisions and work with traffic.”

The patent explains that messages are first exchanged between two vehicles and that all relevant information is stored in the blockchain. Once the messages are exchanged, they are signed by each participant and published on the blockchain.

Volkswagen is not the first company from the automotive branch which sees future in blockchain technology. BMW also wants to implement that technology in their vehicles.

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