Netherlands and blockchain, Estonia without own crypto and Asus’ new product

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Many times have we witnessed that blockchain technology isn’t only about cryptocurrencies.

Many experts also said that cryptos, some time in the future, might stop existing. But blockchain is something that should be used in diverse industries.

Netherlands’ real estate industry and blockchain

Land Registry in the Netherlands thought the same. As local tech platform Computable wrote, LR will test blockchain technology for national real estate data.

The Land Registry is entrusted with administering possession, contract rights, and all external information identified with the national property advertisement. What’s more, it is purportedly trying to investigate the specialized, legal and administration parts of blockchain to become an even better and more flexible organization.

An enterprise architect at the Land Registry, Koen Huisstede said that the LR is trying to figure out what meaning blockchain may have for their industry of real estate. He also predicts that blockchain technology will be “integrated into its system within one to three years.”

Estonia won’t have its own cryptocurrency

In a big, financial world – plans often end up with failure. Estonia has just learnt that.

Estonia suspended its plan to create a national cryptocurrency – Estcoin. The decision was made after receiving some criticism from the President of the European Central Bank, Mario Dragni, same as from local banking authorities.

Dragni has said in September 2017:

“No member state can introduce its own currency; the currency of the eurozone is the euro.”

Asus reveals new product for miners

Asus has presented a new motherboard, which was designed for the purpose of creating a cryptocurrency excavator. The H370 Mining Master is so specific that it supports up to 20 graphics cards at the same time. The case is, it is GPUs that use PCIe 1x, which are connected to the motherboard in an unusual way.

Unfortunately, for the time being, there is no information about the price and the planned date of launching the motherboard for sale. However, the first demonstrations of the product possibilities are to take place during this year’s Computex fair, in the first weeks of June.

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