Microsoft Joins Forces With Japanese Startup

Dawid Paluch
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The computer mogul has partnered with LayerX, a Japanese blockchain startup, to speed up assimilation of the technology.

The blockchain technology is gladly used in Japan. For instance, a few weeks ago, nine banks in the country teamed up to develop blockchain-based interbank. However, Microsoft wants to accelerate the blockchain progress even more.

New blockchain venture

Gunosy, a news app, and AnyPay, an advisory service jointly formed blockchain startup, LayerX. The new company take care of blockchain integration for enterprises, including smart contracts and consulting.

Microsoft published a press release concerning on that topic. The company stated:

“We will support the introduction process in its entirety, even down to technical support of finished implementations. Both companies will work toward realization of transformation of people’s lives and working practices by promoting the implementation of blockchain technology in various industries.”

The new project uses Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS).

The cloud-based Azure blockchain development kit was released earlier this month by Microsoft.


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