Man Drugged, Beaten And Almost Killed For BTC

Dawid Paluch
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The blockchain technology is the safest way to trade virtual money. It can’t protect you against every possible danger, though. A bitcoin owner from South Africa learned the hard way that cryptocurrency can attract thugs.

There have been cases when somebody lost digital coins in scams or from hacking. There have also been incidents when robbers attacked crypto owners in broad daylight. A few weeks ago, a citizen of South Africa experienced similar tragedy.

More than presentation

On November 16th, a man from Lanseria, known only as Andrew, was invited on Facebook to perform a presentation concerning cryptocurrency.

According to a report from Soweto Urban, he went there. That’s where the action started. There were 4 men and two women waiting for him to conduct a ‘presentation’. At 1 PM (local time), Andrew entered the residence. According to his testimony, someone came from behind and put some wet fabric to his mouth. The cloth had to be drug-soaked because he passed out immediately.

A different place, a different approach

For this poor man, horror just started. After regaining consciousness, he realized that he was in a different place. 5 people surrounded him: 2 women and 3 men. They were the same people he had met in the first residence.

Andrew was stripped, assaulted and tortured. The group demanded his First National Bank (FNB) account details and Bitcoin password to his wallet. First, he didn’t want to share his data. They started to burn him using a hot iron. Eventually, he provided the information, after they had threatened to kill him.

Counting losses

The victim transferred almost 800,000 ZAR worth of Bitcoin ($60,000) to an account of the group. Then, they requested from him to hand over almost 100,000 ZAR ($7,500) from his bank account.

The thugs also stole all of his belongings, which he brought with him: 3,000 ZAR (around $220), two laptops and two iPhones.

After that, the group blindfolded and released him on the road, south of Johannesburg.

Right now, Andrew is still in hospital, recovering from burns all over his body. Police are investigating the robbery case.

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