KuCoin Listed 0x Protocol’s Transaction Currency ZRX

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KuCoin has been designed and founded by young, ambitious tech specialists that have appreciated the exceptional benefits of blockchain to the world that leads to the creation of an outstanding cryptocurrency trading platform.

Their challenging mission has gained them into becoming experts in the blockchain technology. The reliable network, state-of-the-art system, and the superior customer service support make their platform as one of the best among the few leading exchanging markets alike.

And today, 0x’s listing of ZRX token is another evidence of how stable and secure their platform to both partner and users. ZRX is now open for deposits with trading pairs including ZRX/BTC and ZRX/ETH.

Buying commence at 21:30 (UTC+8) while Selling and Withdrawal begins at 22:00 (UTC+8). These transactions can be accomplished by utilizing KuCoin’s app on both iOS and Android, or traders can transact to their official website, www.kucoin.com.

About 0x ZRX

0x Protocol has been built with the belief that most digital assets and goods will be tokenized. This model transformation requires to be backed by secure and sound technology, which is where is 0x Protocol comes into position.

The project was established in October 2016 and has been continuously advancing to become a plug-in with the ultimate aim of becoming the go-to decentralized market for the Ethereum ecosystem.

0x Gets listed on Kucoin

The 0x Protocol Team

The 0x project was organized by mechanical engineer Amir Bandeali and income trader Will Warren. This management is maintained by a team of 6 blockchain engineers and various other professionals in charge of recruiting and operations.

The ZRX Token

The ZRX token is utilized to pay for relayer transactions, and as a method for a network, members to choose on proposals for the development of the protocol. The last indicates that 0x is operating a Proof-of-Stake algorithm where token holders can stake their holdings to effect on the future of the network.

As the network grows, more relayer transactions will be handled and more dapps will want to have to say in the development of the 0x Protocol. It showed that there is a healthy association between the way of the network and the demand, and thus price, of the ZRX token.

Users can get ZRX at these exchanges and store them in any ERC-20 compatible wallet, such as MetaMask and MyEtherWallet.

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