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Marcin Iwański
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According to the Polish cryptocurrency news platform, Polish-based bank has made an research into the popularity of the cryptocurrencies in Europe.

ING Bank examined over 15 thousand respondents from 15 countries in the Europe Union.

The research shows that:

  • 66% of the respondents heard of cryptocurrencies i.e., Bitcoin.
  • 9% of the respondents have cryptocurrencies.
  • 16% of the respondents intend to posses cryptocurrencies.  
  • 33% of respondents consider using cryptocurrencies for [online] international transactions.
  • 15% of respondents would consider the option of accepting bitcoins or other cryptocurrency as a salary.
  • 35% of the respondents believe that the value of bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies will increase in the next 12 months.

In addition, the report says that, cryptocurrencies could, over time, play a greater role in global finance.

“Investment in cryptocurrencies represents a small fraction of global financial assets, less than 1 percent, according to the Bank of England. Therefore, their impact on the global economy is still rather limited and, at least from a monetary policy and financial stability perspective, central banks seem more interested in rather than worried about crypto banks’ growth.”

The ING raport proves that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are recognisable in Europe and have well-established position. Almost 10% of respondents (~1300) own cryptos, that shows that cryptos are not just only something new and irrelevant, but more and more people (16%!) want to invest in them.

As we can see, ING is not against cryptocurrencies, we hope that is true!

“Our clients can invest in cryptocurrencies, we do not block that possibility ;)”

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