HTC Releases The First Blockchain Phone

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HTC EXODUS 1, a new phone from Taiwan giant, is now available for pre-order. The new development is based on blockchain technology. Customers from over 30 countries can purchase the new phone.

In August, we reported on HTC trying to develop phone of the future. The mobile mogul teamed up with Charlie Lee, creator of the Litecoin. Now, the development has reached a new level.


You can buy it now

Yesterday, the EXODUS 1 Twitter account announced early access to the phone.


The very first announcement was at Web3 Summit in Berlin. The early access version is now available for pre-orders. However, there is a catch. You can only buy it with cryptocurrency. Every customer can purchase the phone using bitcoin or ethereum. HTC will deliver the first version to clients in December. Right now the EXODUS 1 is available in U.K., U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore and nearly 30 other countries.


More details still unknown

According to the creators, the EXODUS 1 will take full advantage of blockchain technology. The phone will also use Lighting Network. The device should store user’s cryptocurrency keys and protect them from the Android operating system. Also, the phone will have a few trustworthy contacts in case of losing the EXODUS 1. Thus the keys could be recover.


Phil Chen, the Decentralized Chief Officer of HTC, said that his company is waiting for feedback from blockchain community about the early access version. According to Chen, the key is to engage the community and get their assistance in developing the wallet. The Decentralized Chief Officer is convinced that only with the support from users the EXODUS can grow into something great. He also mentioned:


“Recent figures show that there are around 35 million wallets out there at the moment. The HTC EXODUS 1 is about getting the consumer used to owning their own keys and going from there to develop the EXODUS into a device that can be for the broader market.”


The date when the device will be available for broader launch is yet to be determined.

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