HTC Exodus, phone of the future?

Marcin Iwański
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According to the Tweet from HTC, they will team up with Charlie Lee creator of the Litecoin.

Their collaboration was made to create a smartphone that takes full advantage of blockchain technology. Also, the Taiwanese company announced that the new smartphone would have support for the Lighting Network, and the creator of Litecoin himself is delighted with the new partnership. As he says, the smartphone project will support the mass adaptation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

The Taiwan-based smartphone manufacturer HTC has announced that its long-awaited “cryptocurrency smartphone” will include support for the Lightning Network. If the company launches new smartphones, HTC exodus will be one of the first blockchain phones to enter the market. Importantly, the phone is based on the Lighting Network.

The phone project is widely observed by the cryptocurrency community

Many of them see blockchain phones as a necessary step towards wide adaptation of cryptocurrencies around the world.

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