How To Live Paying Only With Bitcoin

Dawid Paluch
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Bitcoin has rocked the world. The largest cryptocurrency has paved the way for many other coins. In 2018 you can buy a lot of things with Bitcoin. However, is it possible to survive a day only with BTC?

From time to time, we write an article showing what you can buy for 1 BTC. A little more than a year ago, for one bitcoin you could buy 900 Big Macs. The exchange rate of BTC has been changing rapidly, though. Today, we will try to convince you that you can survive having only this virtual currency in your pocket.

First necessity: food

One of the famous stories concerning bitcoins is that anecdote about paying 10 000 BTC for two pizzas (roughly $30). Back in 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz paid that number of coins for two Papa John’s in Jacksonville, Florida.

Today, the price is slightly different. If you have 10 thousand BTC, you are a billionaire. What’s really important, you can buy a lot of food now.

For instance, Subway accepts Bitcoin. This fast food restaurant primarily sells sandwiches and salads, so you can go there for breakfast.

If you want to grab something fresh and organic, Whole Foods Market, an American supermarket chain, offers natural products in North America and the United Kingdom.

There are a lot of pizza places, where you can pay with BTC. gives a various choice of popular pizzas.

KFC Canada proposes special “Bitcoin Bucket”. The company accepts Bitcoin via BitPay.

Second necessity: drink (and having fun)

People just want to have fun. With Bitcoin, it’s possible. Pembury Tavern is a pub in London, where you can eat, drink, and spend time with friends. The Old Fitzroy in Sydney is Australia’s only pub theatre. The family-owned, 100 years old bar is a place you must visit when you are spending time in the largest Australian city. Of course, you can pay there with BTC.

If you want to live to the fullest, you have to drive a supercar at least once in a lifetime. Lamborghini is the very definition of fun. The Italian brand sells its super fast and super expensive cars. If you have some bitcoins to spend, you can purchase these unique automobiles. If you prefer a more English approach, you can buy McLaren.

With the most popular cryptocurrency you can go to the moon! Supercars become pale compared to that offer! Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Galactic, invites bitcoin holders to buy tickets to the moon. His company is eager to gather more crypto people ‘cause they are “tech-minded”, as Branson said.


Third (un)necessity: love

Let’s face it: everybody needs somebody to love. You know that from Queen song, you know that from the Bible, you know that from life. If you have bitcoins, love may be your thing. OkCupid, an online dating site, offers its A-list members payments in this virtual currency. Badoo, another online dating service, also allows its clients to pay with BTC.

If you can’t fall in love, there is a…hmm…a way for you. On the other hand (pun intended), Naughty America, a porn videos website, encourages its users to pay fees with bitcoins.

Fourth necessity: travel

Significant players in the travel industry have allowed their customers to pay with BTC. Surf Air, Air Baltic, Peach Aviation, or PLL LOT are only a few companies among many others accepting this currency. Bitcoin Travel, Cheapair, Expedia offer tickets, hotels and entertainment for your travel plans.

Of course, you cannot pay everywhere with Bitcoin. Still, there are places, where you need to have “real money”. However, you can certainly survive not only one day with bitcoins in your pockets, but you can also do pretty fun stuff. After all, who doesn’t want to go to the moon?


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