How to claim your BCH SV and BCH ABC?

Maja Mazur
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Recently, there has been a lot of confusion about the situation after the BCH hard fork. Not everyone knows how to claim their coins if she or he had some BCH in the wallet before this situation. Here we come to rescue! In the guide below you’ll find out how to claim the new BCH SV and BCH ABC!

The fork background

Some time ago we all heard the news about the BCH hard fork. Even though we had known it had been coming, the results were pretty unpredictable. The confusion about the naming and how to deal with the two new coins spread across the crypto community. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) upgrades its core code every six months. This time, the coin was also divided into two new cryptocurrencies. This is how BCH ABC (now commonly called just BCH) and BCH SV (also called Bitcoin SV or BSV) came to life. Now, what to do if you had some old BCH in your wallet before the fork and now you want to exchange them for the new ones? We’ve got it sorted! Use the CoinDeal platform and stop worrying about it!

The guide

Follow the guide carefully and soon the problem with your old BCH will be solved. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Create a user account of the CoinDeal exchange.
  2. Make sure your account on CoinDeal is verified. If not, verify it. This is required to make all further steps.
  3. Click on the “deposits for BCH” tab and save the address.
  4. Now do the same for BCH SV and save the address as well.
  5. If the two addresses match, you can just transfer the BCH that you have in your wallet to that address.

It is important to know that BCH ABC and BCH SV don’t have the replay protection, which means that the transaction will be made in both networks at once. You can be sure that your money will be credited in both of those cryptocurrencies.

Then, you can obviously withdraw your money in either BCH ABC or BCH SV. CoinDeal will make sure that this transaction works only for one network.

The benefits

We really hope that you found our guide useful. Now you can peacefully trade using one of the new cryptocurrencies! We know that the hard fork has caused a lot of confusion among all crypto traders. That’s why we have created the instruction above – to help our readers deal with the problem that has arisen. Now, thanks to CoinDeal, you can solve it in a couple of minutes!


Important: Don’t use this method if you have already made a transaction using BCH after the fork, because the funds won’t be replicated. In that case only BCH will be sent, when BCHSV will stay on old addresses.

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