How to buy Bitcoins?

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Have you heard about Bitcoin? Would you like to start investing to earn some extra money? Maybe you would like to buy Bitcoin just to pay with them wherever you are? Read more to find out how to do it in a few simple steps.

There are three ways to get your first Bitcoin. The hardest one is to become a miner. To start “digging out” Bitcoins you need to have a specialistic hardware with high computing power. We don’t recommend this way during your first steps with cryptocurrency. Why? It’s very expensive. What’s more, with a development of technology in China, being a miner is quite unprofitable. Easier way is to buy Bitcoin using exchange service or on a forum from another user. You can also try your best on the market.

  1. Choose wisely your wallet

If you have a big trust in a security of your computer, you can download a program to keep your Bitcoins safe. However, this is a risky solution, when your wi-fi isn’t protected enough. You can find more information about other types of wallets here.  We recommend you online wallets, e.g., or BitcoinWallet. To sign up, you just need to write down your e-mail address and password. Always create a long and complicated password to keep your account safe.

  1. Protect your account

On-line wallets offer additional protection with a few security measures. First of all, you have to verify your email address. Next important step is to set up two-factor authentication. Remember about noting down your wallet ID!

  1. Choose a service

The third step is to choose a way to buy your first Bitcoin. We recommend using exchange service. It’s a safer way than buying on a forum. The most popular services are BuyCoinNow or Paxful. You can buy cryptocurrency using a credit card. Every service will take a small fee for an exchange. You can also find a broker who offers the best price for your future Bitcoins.

  1. Feel free to buy Bitcoins

If you chose your way to get virtual coins, next step is to do it! If you buy Bitcoin via BuyCoinNow, after deciding how much Bitcoin you would like to buy, you should register on a site. You can buy them without signing up, but you won’t have access to a few more options like a history of transactions. After signing up, feel free to buy Bitcoin! After purchase, you will get an email with purchase confirmation with Private Key. Copy your Key and import to your virtual wallet. After this, you will get a second email confirming this action.

  1. Use them!

Now you can use your Bitcoin however you want. You can buy different things or just keep your virtual money to sell them in the future. Try it now! If you want to know how to buy Bitcoin cash, stay tuned!


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